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Cost-efficient precast molds

Molds and tables for your precast production at a competitive price

As the global leader in precast technology, we know when advanced technology is needed – or not. Based on Elematic’s  lengthy experience in designing and manufacturing molds and tables, we can confirm that robust and affordable molds and tables are enough to keep up with your production targets.


Does a global leader sound like an expensive supplier?

Contact us and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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A rigid table makes precise products

Our absolutely straight steel tables make it possible to produce precast panels exactly as requested. All Elematic tables have a smooth, completely flat, and long-lasting surface with a rigid steel structure.

Straightness is key in producing the high-quality panels that builders love: sandwich panels, solid panels, cladding panels, and solid slabs.

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Better molds make better wall panels

Precast concrete wall panels today come in many sizes, shapes and with diverse surface finishes. Panels of consistent high quality require molds that are built with precision from the best available materials.

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Precast formwork with magnet shuttering system Elematic FaMe

Shuttering system for formwork

You can make the mold preparation process easier and faster with magnets that hold the side forms during casting and vibration. When there is no need for welding, bolting, or
grinding, the casting table surface will remain flawless.

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Special molds (that aren’t too special)

Special molds are used for casting special precast products, and they are often adapted to each individual case: lift shafts, stair- cases, ventilation shafts, tt-slabs, and beams and columns.

But there’s nothing special about our precast molds – they just do the work they are made to do, every day and every hour. That’s why we offer all our molds at a very competitive price – to make them affordable to precasters around the world.

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Ventilation shaft mold in use at a precast plant.

What to consider when choosing tables for precast wall production?

Have you ever pondered how the tables for precast wall slab production are manufactured?  How small details in them impact the result and the installations at the construction sites? When choosing tables for your precast production, it’s important to consider these details.

Tips for choosing tables
Tilting table for precast wall production

When to go for a mobile precast plant?

For builders and contractors,  a purpose-oriented mobile plant is a very good solution when entering the precast concrete business with a building project at hand. After installation of the mobile plant, you are not depending on others deliveries you will have your own, industrial manufacturing close to the construction site.

About mobile precast plants


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