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Sustainability at Elematic

We strive to make the precast industry more sustainable by offering resource and energy efficient precast technology that is safe to use. Services extend the lifetime of the machines and increase their efficiency. In our own operations we do things responsibly in terms of the environment, people and the economy.

Resource and energy efficient technology

We manufacture precast production technologies that enable our customers to decrease their carbon footprint.

Compared to cast-in-situ, precast uses less of everything – less cement, less water, less steel, and less labor. It produces less waste on the site and in the factory. This makes the CO2 footprint of precast much smaller than in cast-in-situ construction.

Sustainable precast production technology

  • Energy and resource-efficient production technology
  • Shear compaction technology reduces the use of cement
  • Solution for recycling concrete during production
  • Reusable shuttering system to reduce waste
  • Services to extend product lifecycles

Safe precast production

Safety is a top priority in designing precast machinery and new production lines. Our goal has always been to ensure that anywhere around the globe, those using Elematic equipment are able to work safely and return home after their shifts unharmed.

Creating a safe production environment

When designing the factory layout, we work with your personnel to understand every possible risk and come up with practical and long-lasting safety solutions.

Overall factory safety improves when machines are automated and the risk of human error is eliminated. However, there may be manual work phases which must be made safe.

Designed for safety

  • Safety bumpers and photoelectric sensors make the Elematic machines stop immediately if someone gets in their way
  • Guardrails and an obvious safety switch location
  • The plain surface of the machine prevents users from getting their clothes caught
  • Dirt-proof concrete level sensors can be checked without climbing
  • FaMe shuttering system includes push-button magnets which minimize the risk for finger injuries
  • We comply with the requirements for health and safety set by the EC Machinery Directive


Precast concrete uses much less raw materials such as concrete, steel and water than the traditional insitu casting.

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Accept cookies to see the form or visit our contact page for more information.