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Battery mold

The Elematic battery mold is a productive, space saving cassette casting method for vertically casting all kinds of precast solid slabs. It is available in cold shutter and traditional variants, as well as in one-sided and two-sided versions.

The Elematic battery mold offers high production capacity in a very compact format because all casting and handling is done in the vertical position. It is durable, easy to handle and easy to operate.


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Battery mold

Traditional battery mold

Standard measurements
Theoretical capacity 608 m2/day* (one casting)
Personnel 10*
Production area 300 m2*
Max sizes with standard structure ≤ 3.2 x 10 m
≤ 3.6 x 9 m
≤ 4 x 8.4 m
Max. slab thickness 200 mm
Max. no of casting cells 10 + 10
* 10 + 10, 3.8 x 8.0 m
The product can be customized

Cold shutter battery mold

Standard measurements
Theoretical capacity 1216 m2/day* (one casting)
Personnel 20*
Production area 600 m2*
Max. size 3.6 x 8.1 m
Max. weight (cold shutter plate+furnishing+slab) 25 000 kg
Max. slab thickness 150 mm
Min. slab thickness 100 mm
Max. no of casting cells 5 + 5 (max. no of cold shutter plates 20 pcs)
* 10 + 10, 3.8 x 8.0 m
The product can be customized

The Elematic battery mold features a rigid steel structure manufactured to tight tolerances and 8 mm thick straight-rolled steel plates on the walls for a precise, smooth and ready-to-paint finish on both panel sides. The mold is equipped with a built-in hea­ting system and there is also an option for integrated compaction with electrical or pocket vibrators.


Cold shutter

The cold shutter battery mold offers double the capacity compared to the traditional variant, enabling two castings per day. Structurally, this means that the casting cell of the traditional battery mold is divided into two separate cells by a partition [shutter] plate.

Process wise, the partition plate enables most of the steps to be carried out outside of the actual battery mold, significantly speeding up the production process. Furnishing, final curing and de-molding all take place in special rack holders outside of the mold. Only the casting and a 4-hour pre-curing process take place inside the battery mold.

With the cold shutter battery mold, the minimum panel thickness is 100 mm and the maximum 150 mm.


The Elematic battery mold is fixed at one end, or in the case of the two-sided version, at the center, and all the other cells are pressed together hydraulically into this supporting wall. The mold is opened manually when the side forms need to be stripped ­and moved, but an option for motorized opening is also available.

The Elematic battery mold is movable and highly customizable: The number and size of the casting cells and mold furnishings can be chosen to meet the specific needs of the factory. It is also possible to upgrade an existing traditional mold to a cold shuttering mold. Casting cells can be added to both variants.

The battery mold is available in one-sided and two-sided versions. In the two-sided version, both sides can be used independently.


The standard panel sizes are given below. Other sizes can be discussed on a case by case basis.

Panel thickness 150 mm:

  • 3.2 m x 10.6 m
  • 3.6 m x 10.6 m
  • 4.0 m x 10.6 m

Panel thickness 200 mm:

  • 3.2 m x 10.6 m
  • 3.6 m x 9.4 m
  • 4.0 m x 8.4 m


The Elematic battery mold meets EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


Opening and closing device

The Elematic opening and closing device for battery molds improves work ergonomics. When the device is installed, the battery mold opens with push-button control from the control cabin.

The device consists of a control cabin and a semiautomatic, fixed chain mechanism at the bottom of the mold. It can be installed in all existing mold types. There is also a radio-controlled option available.

Side form system

Elematic offers different types of side forms for battery molds:

  • modular steel + plywood
  • aluminum + plywood and steel
  • unique aluminum forms for window and door openings

Automatic maturity control

Electric vibrators and control

Inverter for supplying high frequency current to the mold vibrators

Distribution pipes, valves and hoses for heating

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