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The Elematic FaMe magnet shuttering system includes magnets of different types and sizes for various purposes. The magnets include patented jaw-type push button magnets and special magnets for high temperatures.


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The Elematic FaMe magnets for fastening the side forms of the mold are available as single-sided, double-sided, and four-sided.

Holding force of the magnets varies from 7 kN to 16 kN.  The holding force of 16 kN is enough to cover all purposes of use (forces beyond 16 kN are unnecessary and dangerous to work with).

The Elematic FaMe magnet shuttering system includes:

  • Patented jaw-type push-button magnets for holding the side forms
  • Magnets for high temperatures 80+ C*
  • Simple magnet series for harsh conditions as well as for small and special fastening
  • Rubber magnetic bars and steel magnetic bars for decorative joints, chamfers, and grooves
  • Magnets for lifting anchors
  • Welding plate magnets
  • Magnets for thread tubes and for tube fastening
  • Magnets for junction boxes and electrical fixtures

FaMe jaw-type push-button magnets for strong fastening

The FaMe push-button magnets fix side forms onto steel beds and tables. Patented unique jaw-type connection mechanism works with all mold systems – only a jaw adapter is required -, and any steel table and bed surface. The push-button magnets can be accomplished with releasing tool and storage rack.

The strong magnet easily resists the vibration force coming from the vibration table or mold. FaMe Push-Button Magnet can be used for max. 600 mm high side forms, fixed opening and corner molds.

FaMe Hot Magnets withstand 80*C

The FaMe Hot magnets withstand high temperatures without losing a grip strength. The FaMe Hot is developed especially for production methods where curing is speeded up by using high temperatures in curing chambers. Also, FaMe Hot system is an alternative in precast factories located in the world’s hottest places.

FaMe Simple Magnets for small and special fastening

The Simple magnets are designed for extremely harsh conditions, where the mold preparation is fine-tuned by sledgehammers and steel bars. Compact and strong, FaMe Simple 10 and Simple 13 are ideal magnets also for small and special fastening needs. Number refers to their retaining force 10 kN and 13 kN.

The Simple series is an attractively priced option.

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Accept cookies to see the form or visit our contact page for more information.