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Our precast technology has enabled hundreds of thousands of building projects in over 100 countries.

Precast manufactures — our customers — make it possible to build modern buildings resource-efficiently. To meet customer needs and exceed expectations, we’ve developed pioneering precast equipment, offered lifecycle services and refined manufacturing processes for more than 60 years.


Our vision

Elematic is the global technology and market leader in precast concrete production technology for residential and non-residential buildings.

Our values

Pioneers of precast

Elematic was founded in 1959, already six decades ago. The universal need to manufacture different types of building products efficiently have been a strong foundation on which to build a business.

Since the beginning, we have operated in the precast niche business, which requires expertise applicable across the globe.

We began our operations with hollow-core slab production technologies and took the leadership of the premium market quite fast. Nowadays, our pioneering in the precast industry has also been acknowledged in developing markets.

History of innovations

1959 Elematic founded
1965 First circulating line supplied to Finland
1967 Battery molds sold to Sweden
1969 German daughter company opened
1971 1st production line for hollow-core slabs supplied
1976 1st hollow-core slab plant sold to Middle East
1985 Patented shear compaction technology introduced. Breakthrough in Soviet market
1992 Patented casting machine, Comcaster, introduced
1995 Extruder EL900E launched
1998 US daughter company opened
2005 Precast Academy introduced

2006 ELiPLAN ERP and other precasting software launched
2007 Dubai customer service center opened
2009 100th wall production line delivered
2010 Extruder E9 2010 lauched
2013 SEMI– PRO – EDGE concept launch
2014 Extruder S5 launched
2015 New assembly facility opened in Finland and mold manufacturing in India.
2016 FloorMES E9 Acotec SEMI – PRO – EDGE
2018 Automatic Plotter E9, Preparer E9
2019 Extruder E9, Modifier E9 and automatic concrete recycling launched

The future runs green

Many people in the precast industry describe Elematic equipment with two words: Green quality. We feel very proud of it, as our product development and production have always aimed at high quality. The equipment is green not only by color but also by nature. With the help of our equipment and experts, our customers can make their processes more energy and resource efficient, which benefits business and the environment. If the future could choose, it would run greener processes with green equipment.

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Accept cookies to see the form or visit our contact page for more information.