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Tilting table S5

The Elematic tilting table S5 is designed for the manufacture of special precast products, such as facade panels, in low volumes. The table has a sturdy steel construction with a cold-rolled smooth and flat 8 mm thick surface plate for top-rate precast product quality.

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Download brochure

Tilting table S5-600

Hydraulic or mechanical tilting
Hydraulic or electical compaction
Casting surface Straight rolled 8 mm thick steel plate
Max. load of table surface 6 kN/m2

The table S5 is available in manual tilting and hydraulic tilting versions. The hydraulic version features a tilting mechanism with two, three or four telescopic hydraulic cylinders depending on the size of the table. The manual version is tilted using a crane.

The table S5 can be equipped with hydraulic or electric compaction. The table is operated using a control unit that is included in the table.

Two maximum load variants for the table surface are available:  6 kN/m2 and 7.5 KN/m2. The maximum tilting load is always 80% of the surface load.


The tilting table S5 is delivered with comprehensive operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


Mold equipment

  • Tiltable steel/plywood side form
  • Tiltable FaMe Flex side form
  • Built‐in heating pipes
  • Side cover
  • Electric compaction

Hydraulic unit

  • Hydraulic unit 250 l
  • Hydraulic unit 400 l
  • Hydraulic pipes

Production lines

Precast products

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Accept cookies to see the form or visit our contact page for more information.