Table S5 - Elematic precast technology
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Table S5

The Elematic table S5 is intended for the manufacture of sandwich panels, solid panels, cladding panels and solid slabs.

Table S5-600

Max. length 10.5 m
Max. width 4.0 m
Load bearing capacity 6 kN/m2

The Elematic table S5 features a unique smooth, completely flat and long-lasting surface made of 8 mm straight-rolled steel sheet and a rigid steel structure manufactured to tight tolerances. The structure of the table guarantees high-quality surfaces and the correct dimensions of slabs and panels.

The surface plate is protected against corrosion for transportation and storage.


The table S5 is stationary and stands on legs, so compaction and tilting are performed using a practical multifunction wagon.


The table S5 is delivered with comprehensive operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


To speed up the curing process, heating pipes for hot water or steam heating, as well as connections for flexible hoses, can be mounted under the table surface to the steel structure.


  • Smooth and flat surface

    High quality, flat slab surface

  • Manufactured to tight tolerances

    Correct slab dimensions

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