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Have you seen these new babies?

Elematic Drillbeam E9 for hollow core production

Complementing Elematic’s existing offering of modern and automated equipment, these innovative product news are designed to optimize your precast production.

Shuttering Robot E9

The new shuttering and deshuttering robot for EDGE wall lines is a fast and stable helper. With its excellent accuracy and long service life, the robot fits perfectly into highly automated wall production plants.

Elematic Shuttering Robot E9 for automatic precast wall production

Automatic transportation wagon, Wagon E9

Slab transportation is easily automated with this strong, battery-driven wagon pair. Save on labor costs, improve safety, and simplify maintenance with Wagon E9.

Elematic automatic transportation wagon E9 for hollow core production

Drillbeam E9

Save time and reduce bottlenecks by combining lifting and drilling. The machine is equipped with three drills that make accurate water holes from below, anywhere in the slab.

Elematic Drillbeam E9 for hollow core production

Improved saw family

Elematic has a hollow core saw for any need: From fully automatic intelligent cutting with Saw E9 over Saw P7’s semi-automatic cutting with improved safety to the compact and multifunctional Sawpreparer S5. These innovative and compact saws are built of modules. This way, delivery times are shortened, prices are kept at a reasonable level, and flexibility is increased.

Elematic saw family

Double Wall lines

The EDGE Double Wall production line is specially designed for highly automated, high-capacity double wall and filigran element production. It is a circulation line where the tables move automatically along their production steps for continuous and highly productive line operation.

For a medium level of automation, choose the Elematic PRO Double Wall production circulation line, featuring mechanized production technology with sophisticated machines.

Elematic EDGE Double Wall line

Module lines

Elematic SEMI Module and PRO Module combine the benefits of precast and modular building, also known as the PPVC method, by assembling 3D volumetric precast units from 2D elements. Get the flexibility and architectural freedom of precast with safe, clean, and efficient indoor assembling.

Elematic PRO module line for PPVC 3D module production

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