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PRO Module

Elematic module line is a highly automated production line designed for sustainable indoors production of PPVC box modules.

The whole process can be controlled with Elematic Plant Control, the world’s most advanced ERP system designed for precast plants.

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Download brochure

PRO Module

Production capacity (modules/day) 10

The PPVC – prefabricated and prefinished volumetric construction – method allows transferring most phases of building construction from site to factory.

The design of the modules produced on the Elematic line is flexible because the 3D volumetric precast units are assembled from 2D elements.

The Elematic module line consists of a circulation mold line with 4 x 10 m tables as standard, the number of which depends on the box module

The free-standing 3-dimensional modules are completed in your factory. Even the internal finishes, fixtures and fittings will be put in place before the module is transported to the site for installation.


The production for wall, floor and ceiling elements is done on the circulation mold line. Structural reinforcement is added into the molds before the concrete is cast, compacted, and cured.

Floor casting with casting skip and a case-by-case customized nozzle.


The precast wall, floor and ceiling elements are transferred to the assembly area where they are assembled into a free-standing 3-dimensional box module. The storage area includes a rack storage for a 3-day buffer as default but this can be customized to meet the needs of each factory. The matured box module is then transferred to the finishing area.

Windows, internal finishes, fixtures and fittings will be put in place before the module is transported to the site for installation.


The Elematic module line produces box modules with a typical size of width 4m x length 8m x height 3.6m, but the module size can be customized. The weight of the module depends on the materials used.

Please note! Check your local regulations for the the maximum transportation dimensions and weight limits on public roads prior to choosing the box module size.


All machines on the Elematic module line meet EC Machine Directive requirements. The line comes with thorough and clear user, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


  • Excellent flexibility

  • High productivity

  • Controlled process cycle

  • High level of automation

  • Efficient use of raw materials

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