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Drillbeam E9

Drillbeam E9 is intended for lifting cut hollow core slabs from casting beds onto transport wagons and drilling weep holes to cores from below through the bottom surface when slab is lifted off the bed.

Download brochure

Download brochure

Drillbeam E9-10-16d

Width 1670 mm
Height 2650 mm
Length 15,5-21 m
Weight 8300 kg
Capacity (clamps) 2 x 50 kN (2 x 5 t)
Distance between clamps (c/c) 2,0-16,0 m
Capacity (middle point) 100 kN (10 t)
Drill bit D12 mm x 100 mm

Lifting a slab takes on average two to three minutes, during which the drilling is done. To take care of this, the beam is equipped with two drilling devices. Each device consists of three drills, working at the same time. Drilling the most typical water holes at the ends of the slabs takes for them about one minute.

Drillbeam is able to drill the holes anywhere in the slab, even to follow the most creative architect’s uneven slab ends. Furthermore, the drilling beam can handle slabs at their whole length – from a few meters up to 18 meters.

The machine is semi-automatic, maneuvered by the crane operator. Holes at the ends are made automatically, while other drilling positions need to be chosen specifically by the user, after which the drilling is done automatically. A special radio interface has been developed for Drillbeam E9. It is simple and user-friendly enough for one person to take care of operating the crane and the drilling at the same time.


  • Save time / reduce bottlenecks

    Drills the water holes (weep holes) while lifting the slabs from the bed onto transport wagons

  • Get accurate holes when drilling to hard concrete from below

  • No need to fix the top holes (compared to fresh drilling)

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Accept cookies to see the form or visit our contact page for more information.