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Wagon E9 automatic

The Elematic Wagon E9 offers fully automatic transportation of hollow core slabs and slab bundles in precast plants. The  wagon is battery driven and transports slabs from production to the storage area automatically.  The transportation system consists of pairs of wagons with a combined 30 t capacity.

The system can be applied to both existing and new precast plants independent of the automation level of the rest of the production.


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Download brochure

Automatic slab transportation

Automatic Wagon E9-1200b
Width 1522 mm
Length 1732 mm
Height 800 mm
Weight 1200 kg
Width 1210 mm
Length (w/o safety buffers) 800 mm
Height 870 mm
Weight 450 kg
Distance between rails 950 mm
Capacity (load) 15 + 15 t
Speed (with load) 0.2 m/s
Speed (empty) 0.53 m/s
BATTERY 2x24 V 150 Ah

The wagon pair consists of an active, battery-driven wagon and a non-powered passive wagon with a 15 t loading capacity each. The active wagon features electric motors, automation, brakes as well as safety buffers and sensors. The passive wagon is a simple wagon with a steel frame. It has no brakes nor any driving system.  In addition, a remote control and a charger are included.

The load on the wagons connects them together. Thanks to the battery drive in the active wagon,  the track does not have to be straight and the overall structure makes the system adjustable for different kinds of storage layouts.

Normally four or five wagon pairs are required to empty one bed with basic set up. If additional buffer and transport capacity is needed, it can be created with extra passive wagons.


The wagon makes the production environment safer, as automation eliminates the risk of human error. The wagon has sensors that guarantee safe movement. As the wagon is battery driven, it doesn’t create any exhaust – and  no cable pulling is needed.

The automatic slab transportation system meets EC Machine Directive requirements.



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