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Automatic Shuttering Station E9

Elematic shuttering station E9 is the most suitable solution for various shuttering functions.

In the automated shuttering process the shuttering robot places shutterings on the table directly either from the active or the passive storage. It’s fully automated control enables fast and accurate shuttering process.

Automatic shuttering station E9

Working area 10 m x bridge rail
Width 11000 mm
Height 5000 mm
Driving speed of the bridge max. 2.2. m/s
Working speed of the robot 3.3 m/s

Shuttering station performs all necessary demolding, shuttering and accessory functions of a wall plant. This solution is designed for plants with a performance of up to about 200 m2/hour. It can also be seen as an alternative investment for plotting and oiling machines.

With this state of the art solution, quality and productivity will be improved. In addition, the staff does not have to do exhausting and error-prone work anymore.

The compact design of the station enables installation into existing plants.

The Shuttering Station E9 can be used for manufacturing of floor slabs, double walls, solid walls and sandwich panels.


  • Demolding of all shutters (including opening of magnets)
  • Plotting opening lines and shuttering rest lengths on table
  • Oiling of the table to be cast, rotating spraying head
  • Placing shutters to the table surface according to the production plan
  • Management of shuttering storage
  • Attaching of labels/label printing
  • Spraying of retarder
  • Placing of insert parts (polystyrene; sockets; joining elements, form-fit shutters)
  • Demoulding of additional magnets
  • Automatic oiling and cleaning of shutters


The shuttering station E9 is surrounded with a safety fence. The station meets EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


Shuttering parts for elements

Walking bridge over the station


  • High capacity

  • Excellent dimensions accuracy

  • Significant cost savings

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