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Shuttering Robot E9

Innovative shuttering and deshuttering robots for EDGE wall lines are designed for highly automated precast wall production

The automated robot places shutters on the table, either from active or passive storage. Depending on your phase time need, it may feature a deshuttering function — or a separate deshuttering robot can be used.

The shuttering robot comes with an automatic lubrication system for moving and wear parts, ensuring a long service life for this fast, stable and accurate automated shuttering solution.

Shuttering Robot E9

Track length According to mold table length and layout
Bridge length According to mold table length and layout
Speed Max. speed 4m/s and max. acceleration 4m/s²

Shuttering robot performs all necessary demolding, shuttering and accessory functions of a precast wall plant. This solution is designed for plants with a performance of up to about 8 pallets/hour. It can also be seen as an alternative investment for plotting machines.

With this state of the art solution, quality and productivity will be improved. In addition, the staff does not have to do exhausting and error-prone work anymore.

The compact design of the station enables installation into existing plants.

The shuttering robot E9 can be used for manufacturing of double walls, filigran slabs, solid walls and sandwich panels.


  • Demolding of all shutters (including opening of magnets)
  • Plotting of markings for openings and inserts
  • Placing shutters to the table surface according to the production plan
  • Management of shuttering storage
  • Automatic oiling and cleaning of shutters
  • Automatic gap optimization and aligning of shutters on the push edges
  • Possibility for de-shuttering function


  • Plant Control production management system
  • Element data (UNI 6.x) interface to BIM software
  • Compiles production plan and element CAD data and into optimized shuttering station control operations
  • Industrial human to machine interface (HMI) for operating shuttering station


Shuttering Robot E9 is surrounded with a safety fence. The station meets EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


Plotter module for marking the places for window and door opening molds, insert and other parts
De-shuttering function


  • High productivity

  • Excellent dimensions accuracy

  • Significant cost savings

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