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PRO Double Wall

Elematic’s PRO Double Wall production lines and machines are especially designed for precasters who need to produce large volumes of double walls. It is ideal for companies that already have some experience in precast, and an annual production capacity of even 4 pallets/hour is required.

PRO Double Wall Line*

Theoretical production capacity uo to 4 pallets/hour
Personnel 20-25
Production area 8,500 m2
Land area 30,000 m2
*All figures are estimates


The Elematic PRO Double Wall production line features mechanized production technology with sophisticated machines and a medium level of automation. The line needs an area of 8,500 m2 for production and service, and the total land area required for operation is 30,000 m2.

The Pro Double Wall is a circulation line, where tables move along the production steps. The sturdy steel mold tables have a high load-bearing capacity of 600 kg/m2. There can be 33 curing places, and requires 20-25 personnel.


The double wall process begins with demolding preparations. Before tilting, the shutters are removed manually to the shutters cleaning conveyor. The table mold is then tilted up at a hydraulic tilting station, which allows the lifting beam to be fastened to the lifting loops of the wall panel. The wall panel is lifted to the finishing area if needed, or taken directly to the storage rack, then the table is tilted down.

The table is pre-cleaned manually by scraper and brush. There, the table is driven through the cleaning and oiling machine to the shuttering robot. The shuttering robot picks up the shutters from the active cross conveyor or storage rack and places them on the mold table.

Next is manual furnishing. The filling parts and electrical boxes are placed according to plotted markings made by the robot or by the laser projector located above the working station. Window and door opening molds, as well as spacers for steel mesh, are placed. The steel mesh is placed on the table mold, and lattice girders are placed on the table — along with any additional reinforcements or parts. The concrete is then spread and compacted at the casting station. After curing the double wall shell A, shells A and B are connected and driven to the curing chamber. Empty pallet left from shell A is driven back to circulation.


Innovative shuttering and de-shuttering robots for PRO Double Wall are designed to keep pace with a high standard of double wall production.

The automated robot places shutters on the table, either from active or passive storage.

The shuttering robot comes with an automatic lubrication system for moving and wear parts, ensuring a long service life for this fast, stable and accurate automated shuttering solution.


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