Betoniluoma, Teuva, Finland

    Published 12.02.2010
    Betoniluoma is a Finnish precast manufacturer, specialized in facades and walls, with over 50 years of experience. Partners since 1983, Betoniluoma and Elematic succeed in continuous product development, steady professionalism, and state-of-the-art production technology. Betoniluoma was the first to invest in a full ELSA-line, which is part of Elematic’s Best Walls concept. Production started in September 2009.

    Situated in western Finland, Betoniluoma manufactures precast elements, mainly facades and solid walls, for all types of buildings, from apartment buildings, individual houses, villas and office buildings to different kinds of agriculture and industrial buildings. Betoniluoma has worked closely with Elematic for over two decades.

    A pioneer among Finnish precast manufacturers, Betoniluoma works in close cooperation with architects and designers, and has benefitted a great deal from the extensive amount of know-how the only one-stop-supplier in the industry has to offer.

    "The vital condition to a working relationship is mutual trust. It's the absolute requirement", says Raimo Luoma, Executive Director at Betoniluoma Oy.
    Betoniluoma compliments Elematic for being an innovative company with state-of-the-art products and professional maintenance personnel.

    Betoniluoma uses the following Elematic equipment
    ELSA -line, tilting tables, Comcaster casting machine, shuttle line for concrete transportation, FaMe - Fastening method Magnets and sides.
    The latest project with Elematic was an entirely new ELSA production line for manufacturing top quality sandwich facades. Betoniluoma simultaneously built a new factory hall for their investment. The ELSA-line is part of Elematics' Best Walls concept: a modern circulating line with a crossing module, curing chamber and FaMe for manufacturing of all kinds of individual facades and walls economically, and ecologically.
    Betoniluoma was the first to invest into a full ELSA-line: production started in September 2009.