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Aurobindo Realty & Infrastructure, India

Aurobindo Realty & Infrastructure has adopted precast technology to speed-up construction processes and take advantage of the growth boom in Hyderabad, which is home to about seven million people, and is one of the fastest growing cities in India.

Aurobindo factory

Year established 2019
Capacity Hollow core: 6 beds, ca. 0,5 million m2/year
Non-hollow core: up to 80 000 m3/year
Circulation line: 3 million m2/year
Factory area 8 acres
Land area 24 acres

The Aurobindo Precast factory has a covered area of 180m x100m and has the following production lines: Prestressed precast hollow core slab production line, prestressed precast beam production, precast column production line, 30 table circulation system, two precast staircase moulds. In addition the factory has complete automated concrete transportation and distribution system for all the halls and automated stockyard with 30 days storage capacity.