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Galaxy Tower, India

Aurobindo’s newly completed 105-meter luxurious office building, the Galaxy Tower, stands tall in the heart of HITEC City and above the rest of the skyline in Hyderabad. The elegant glass facade and the modern design give the robust structure a modern look.

Galaxy has set the record to be the tallest commercial office tower built with precast technology in India. The Galaxy building was completed in just about one and a half year. With cast-in-situ, it would have taken approximately three years.

Project details

Location HITEC City, Hyderabad, India
Purpose Office building
Year of construction 2019-2020
Height 105 m, 25 storeys
Size 1,9 million sq.ft, floor plate 80 000 sq.ft
Precast products Columns, hollow core slabs, solid slabs, pre-stressed beams, RCC beams, staircases
Certification LEED v4 Gold

The Galaxy is Pre-Certified with LEED v4 Gold Rating. The environment-friendly and sustainable design generates positive energy throughout the building. Accompanied with smart features in the building, it consumes less energy and natural resources, and creates environment-friendly workspaces.  The best-in-class precast technology applied to the Galaxy building brought new possibilities for architects and engineers in terms of design. It unlocks new doors in constructing unique commercial buildings, which stand apart in terms of architecture and quality.