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Alberta Precast Products, Canada

Alberta Precast produces wall panels for the industrial, commercial and warehouse markets from its 80 000-sq ft batch plant in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Sixty percent of their production is solid panels and 40 percent insulated panels. The plant currently only runs one shift, five days a week, producing six panels a day.

The team at Alberta Precast Products prides itself on its entrepreneurial spirit. The company, which was established in June 2018 in a production hall where different precast concrete products are made, is making a name for itself in the crowded Western Canada market.

Alberta Precast Products

Location Spruce Grove, AB, Canada
Year established 2018
Main products Insulated and solid wall panels (within 38x11 ft); firewalls; columns and beams; stairwell shafts; elevator shafts; veneer and cladding; steps
Average annual production 155,000 sq ft in 2019, their first year of operations
Production hall area 80 000 sq ft
Storage area 100 000 sq ft

Wall panel carousel line

Capacity 3 000 sq ft/day
No. tables 20
Other machinery Comcaster casting machine