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Kangasala Arts Centre, Finland

Kangasala Arts Centre presents modern concrete architecture in the traditional village milieu of Kangasala, Finland. “The Concrete Structure of the Year 2015” award was granted to the Centre by the Finnish concrete industry association (Betoniteollisuus ry) for creating a well-functioning concrete structure that combines accomplished design and high-quality execution.

Awarded companies:

Developer: Kangasala Municipality and Torikeskus Oy
Design: Heikkinen-Komonen Architects
Structural design: A-insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy
Concrete elements: Betset Oy Kyyjärvi Factory
Patina coloring method: Betonipallas Oy

The Arts Centre was praised for the level of expertise in applying concrete elements in the design. Versatile use of concrete has enabled a structurally functional, energy-efficient, and sculptural complex.

The design in the building is based on the idea of four boulders combined by a canyon. These four boulders cover the auditorium, council hall, art museum, and conference facilities. The facade is built of precast concrete panels. The panels are toned to rusty brown by using the Umbra patina coloring method in which the color is created by a chemical reaction between water-soluble iron compounds and cement on the concrete surface. The method balances out any tone variations throughout the panels.

With the wide span lengths, heavy load, and demanding constructional solutions, the structure of the Arts Centre sets high requirements for the building materials. Being located on top of an underground parking lot, the foundations of the complex are built on concrete piles of 10 to 15 meters. Steel piles were used in certain parts of the foundations. The frame consists of precast concrete elements, cast-in-situ concrete structures, and steel structures.

Kangasala Arts Centre was opened to the public in February 2015.