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BSBK Group, India

Over 100-year-old company has executed a wide variety of projects in civil steel engineering, industrial and public buildings, hospitals, roads and bridges.

The plant at Naya Raipur is BSBK Group’s largest, with a Elematic SEMI hollowcore slab line with 4 beds, an extruder and a saw preparer and a SEMI wall line with 20 tilting KVT tables, 15 mechanical tables, staircase molds, and casting skips. The total concrete volume produced is around 150 M3 every day.

SEMI lines offer an effective alternative that can efficiently produce up to 600 square feet per day, and production does not require in-depth knowledge from the staff.

Many large-scale housing projects such as the one in Naya Raipur come with a gamut of demands. One issue is cost, and investments in precast production equipment can add yet another burden to the project.