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B.E. Billimoria, India

BE Billimoria & Company is one of Indian’s leading firms of civil engineering construction contractors. Ranging from commercial, residential spaces to some of the most iconic buildings in India, like the 316-meter Namaste Tower, are all among their project list. In addition, Billimoria has a precast project in Pune; a mass affordable housing for the Maharashtra police.


B.E. Billimoria

Location Pune, India

Elematic deliveries

Mechanical tilting tables
Three 120-meter slab beds with a slipformer
Battery molds Original and cold shutter
Complete project engineering
Plant installation
Production and installation supervision
Annual maintenance agreement

The company was established by Mr. Beji E Billimoria and Mr. Laxmidas K Kapadia in 1958. Mr. Jeet Kapadia, the Executive Director of Billimoria and the third generation of its founder, has recently started to follow his father’s footsteps to continue the family’s legacy in the construction business.

While many factors have contributed to Billimoria’s success since its foundation, the company has always been the innovator and the true pioneer in the construction industry in India, from deployment of sophisticated building systems to the adoption of new construction technology, and to bravely pioneer the precast building technology in India.

Billimoria’s precast factory is located within a 116-acre site in Pune. The 2-acre factory includes production and storage yard. It produces slabs, walls and staircases. The capacity is approximately 1.5 million square feet of construction area in a year.

“We have three slab beds which are 120 meters long; for the walls, which are mainly load bearing walls, we have battery molds and mechanical tilting tables; and molds for staircase walls,” Jeet Kapadia tells.

With the service agreement, Elematic’s team has been on site to provide support for any quality issues or machine issues. For example, when the thickness of the wall elements needed to change from 170 mm to 160 mm, a swift solution was needed. Elematic’s experts helped to refabricate, ensuring the production continued with 160mm without much of a lag.