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SEMI Floor

The Elematic SEMI Floor production line offers straightforward, easy-to-learn technology to produce high quality precast products with low operational costs.

The SEMI Floor is the wise choice when an annual production capacity of 35,000 – 150,000 m2 is required. It can produce a range of product types including extruded hollow core slabs 1,200 mm in width and 120 – 320 mm thick, hollow piles, solid slabs and pre-stressed ribbed and half slabs.

As with all Elematic production lines, the SEMI Floor can be, and almost always is, customized to suit the needs of a specific factory.


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SEMI Floor line*

Theoretical capacity 576 m2/day (one casting)
Personnel 9
Production area 3000 m2
Land area 4500 m2
No. of beds 4
Max. end product height 320 mm
Min. end product height 120 mm
End product width 1.2 m (1.5 and 2.4 m also available)
*All figures are estimates

The Elematic SEMI Floor production line features reliable mechanized production technology and offers a world class extrusion process with patented components.


The Extruder S5 is the core machine in the line and it provides efficient shear compaction for low concrete consumption. The number of machines and lifts required is kept to a minimum with a Sawpreparer, which is a single operator combined machine that performs the sawing, cleaning and strand pulling. The beds on the SEMI Floor line have a rigid steel structure manufactured to tight tolerances and need no heating of extra concrete, so the energy consumption of the line is low.

The SEMI Floor line can be placed in an open-air site on simple foundations and the basic installation can be done without experts.

The SEMI Floor needs only a 3 000 m2 area for production, and the total land area required for operation is 4 500 m2. It has 4 x 120 m beds and requires 9 personnel to operate the line.


Precast slab production on the SEMI line takes place in 9 functional steps:

  • Batching and mixing
  • Concrete transportation
  • Bed preparation
  • Pre-stressing
  • Casting
  • Slab modifying
  • Curing
  • Cutting
  • Storing

The process starts with bed preparation, which is carried out by a Sawpreparer. First, the casting bed is cleaned by the machine and then oiled manually. The Sawpreparer then pulls the pre-stressing strands onto the bed and they are pre-stressed using a single pre-stressing unit.

The Extruder is then lifted onto the bed and filled with concrete by a Comskip. The slab production is started, and the Extruder’s hopper is filled with concrete during the process. The fresh slab is then modified manually with markings and openings, and then covered with a tarpaulin to maintain the optimal curing conditions. After curing, the Sawpreparer is lifted onto the bed and the slabs are cut to length according to the production plan. The cut slabs are lifted from the bed and moved to storage.


The SEMI Floor line is designed with environmental issues in mind. Cement use is minimized thanks to efficient compaction by the Extruder casting machine. In addition, the production process does not produce any toxic waste.


All machines on the SEMI Floor line meet EC Machine Directive requirements. The machinery is designed to keep noise levels low and enhance safety with their even outer surfaces. The line comes with thorough and clear user, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


  • Easy casting with Extruder

  • One machine for sawing, cleaning and strandpulling

  • Low cement consumption

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Accept cookies to see the form or visit our contact page for more information.