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Service and support

Well-planned maintenance secures your production targets, increases your production by removing bottlenecks and ensures the highest quality products.

We offer service agreements, service visits as well as both onsite and remote support.




The Elematic service agreement protect your precast technology investment and increases uptime. The agreement covers helpdesk support, regular maintenance visits machine and equipment audits, and training. Elematic service agreement safeguards your production targets, decreases unexpected breaks and helps you budget more accurately. The content of the agreement is tailored to fit your precast production needs.


Our service experts can visit your site to provide support for any issues related to training, quality or machines. They’ll help solve any problems you have in production.  By carefully agreeing on the purpose of the service visit beforehand, we can make sure to send the expert that’s right for you.


A machine audit  identifies possible hidden challenges that may be difficult to recognize and could cause problems in the future. If you notice these early, you can plan the update and shutdown of the machine ahead of time. The audit is done at a service visit and includes:

  • screening of the mechanics, components, electricity, and automation of the machine 
  • instructions for maintenance and cleaning  
  • recommendations for spare and wear parts  
  • recommendation for safety equipment

The audit report concludes the condition of the machine and suggest the needed maintenance, repair and updates. 

Typical machine updates

Requirements and regulations change, which could mean changes for the machinery. Updating safety features is therefore a very common issue for older machinery. In some cases, the updates are legally required, and the machine cannot be used before they are installed.

Adding blade cover and dust reduction device for the saw are typical updates to meet health and safety standards. Adding safety devices for collision prevention, like an ultra-sensor and safety buffers, are also common updates.


Factory audit is a service visit to give you new ideas for further improving your production efficiency and increasing the profitability of your factory. During the factory audit, our experienced expert will evaluate your processes to identify development areas. your precast production process, work methods, and interview key persons.

As a result of the audit, you will get a written report about their findings, together with recommendations to improve factory productivity.


A remote connection allows our experts to help your team quickly in the case of an unexpected break.

If your team has difficulty diagnosing the origin of the problem, our experts can help remotely. They can connect to the machinery’s PLC through a secure connection, test machine automation, identify cable or sensor defects, diagnose possible breakdown source, and update programs.


For online support, you’ll need a remote connection kit, which includes a device for enabling a secured connection, a module for mobile connection, a module for ethernet connection, a power supply, and a cable. Our service expert will provide instructions for connecting the kit to the machinery.

The remote kit can be used on most Elematic machinery. Thanks to its small and compact size, it’s easy to move around the factory.

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Accept cookies to see the form or visit our contact page for more information.