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Extruder P7

The Extruder P7 is an extrusion casting machine for producing hollow core concrete slabs 1200 mm wide in a variety of thicknesses. The machine utilizes shear compaction to control the concrete properties, which allows for optimal cement use in the concrete mix.

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Extruder P7-1200e

Width 1670 mm
Height (slab height 120-320 mm) 2110 mm
Height (slab heights >320-500 mm) 2150 mm
Length (with cable drum) 4810 mm
Weight (depending on options) 6300-8500 kg

Casting speed*

8/150-160 Min. 1.6 m/min
Max. 2 m/min
4/500 Min. 0.8 min/min
Max. 1.3 m/min
*Depending on slab thickness

The Extruder P7 is a robust machine designed for continuous production of hollow core slabs with heights of 120 mm to 500 mm and widths of 0.4 m to 2.4 m. It can produce various types of cross-sections, including round, shaped, light and heavy, with different numbers of voids.

In addition, the machine is well suited to producing solid slabs, piles, pre-stressed stadium slabs, wing slabs, poles, foundation slabs, hollow core wall slabs, and fence slabs. As with all Elematic Extruders, the P7 uses the shear compaction method in casting. Shear compaction guarantees high compaction efficiency for the optimal cement usage in the concrete, accurate slab geometry and therefore low production costs.


The P7 features automatic compaction control which ensures consistent high-quality casting and decreases the need for continuous operation monitoring. The automatic compaction control also enables it to efficiently produce challenging structures with very closely inserted strands. The operating system identifies the nozzle module and recalls casting parameters automatically, and the running hours are stored in the machine memory. Concrete ordering automation is available as an option. The Extruder P7 features a visual user interface with stepless adjustment of all casting parameters, user permission management and on-board operating manuals. The machine is ready for fully automatic operation.


The Extruder P7 is equipped with automatic central lubrication, which saves maintenance work, and the flat design prevents concrete from drifting, making the P7 quick to clean. Wear parts are also easily accessible. Troubleshooting is easy thanks to the clear alerts and data log, and status displays for currents, speeds, runtime and other useful data. Remote troubleshooting via internet/Wi-Fi is available as an option.


Like all Elematic machinery, safety features are built in. The Extruder P7 has a flat design with an antiskid system on the service platform, as well as on the foldable steps. There’s no need to climb to high up because the concrete level can be checked from the ground. The Extruder P7 meets EC Machine Directive requirements. Noise levels are kept below 85 dB*. The machine comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


The extruder moves on four wheels on the side rails of the casting bed. It is pushed forward by the reaction force of the concrete feeding screws. Driving gear moves the extruder when it is not casting. Compaction is carried out using the shear compaction method.


The Extruder P7 has a sturdy and durable structure. It consists of a universal power unit and a slab-type-specific nozzle module. The P7‐1200e power unit is intended for running compatible P7 nozzle modules. With a conversion kit, the power unit is also suitable for running Extruder EL 900E nozzle modules. In addition, a cable drum with a cable or power connector is needed to run the machine. The P7-1200e power unit consists of a removable concrete hopper and an operating unit with motors. Exchangeable nozzle modules for producing hollow core slabs of 120 mm to 500 mm in thickness are available as standard.


Concrete recycling system

Concrete ordering

Maintenance tools

Service platform light

Service platform

Nozzle modules

  • for 140 – 230 mm massive slabs
  • for 260 – 350 mm squares hollow piles

Conversion kit for EL900E nozzle modules


  • High quality with shear compaction

  • Flexible production

  • Long lifetime, easy maintenance

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