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Carbon footprint evaluation

Elematic carbon footprint evaluation service calculates and finds ways to decrease the greenhouse gas emissions caused by precast production at your precast plant.

Each carbon footprint evaluation will be specifically tailored to the needs of your precast plant.

Please note: the service is currently available in European countries only.


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Suggestions for improvements may include:

Alternative energy sources
How to lower transport emissions
Alternatives for raw materials and other sourcing
New, more efficient precast production machinery
Other proposals based on your specific situation

How will the carbon footprint calculation proceed?

Stage 1: Collecting data

We’ll first collect your plant’s data from the past couple of years – for example, transportation quantities and the amount of energy, cement, fuels, and water used.

Stage 2: Calculating your carbon footprint

We’ll convert the quantity data into carbon emissions using the most up-to-date and accurate emission factors – a measure of the amount of pollutants produced compared to the amount of raw materials consumed in your process.

Stage 3: Reporting and suggestions

We will present our findings to you in a visual format that’s easy to understand. We’ll analyze the findings and make suggestions for decreasing your factory’s carbon footprint. You’ll clearly see which changes will yield results over the long term, and which will offer faster results.

Evaluations are made in cooperation with our partner Sweco, Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy.

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