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Bed S5

The Elematic casting bed S5 is designed for the production of hollow core slabs, half-slabs, massive slabs, piles, inverted T-slabs, among other things.

Bed S5-1200b

Width 1366 mm (53.8 in)
Height 132 mm
Slab width, nominal 1200 mm
Rail gauge 1290 mm
Surface plate thickness 6 mm (1/4 in)
Capacity 550 kg/m2 (110 lb/ft2)

Bed S5 is a simple bed with a light structure manufactured to tight tolerances for high quality precast products.

The maximum load of the bed is 550 kg/m2 ((110 lb/ft2). Heating pipes and insulation are not included in the package but are available as an option.

Bed S5 is delivered in 12 m modular, fast-to-install sections. The total bed length is defined according to case-specific requirements.

For controlled curing, Maturity control E9-6mc is recommended.


Bed S5 is made of 8 x 100 mm longitudinal plates, stiffeners and durable 6 mm straight-rolled acid treated surface plates. It is equipped with rails for production machinery.


Abutment P7-300

Heating pipes


Bed gutter plate

Maturity control E9-6mc

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