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Fame Lite

The FaMe Lite series is designed for bulk production of non-insulated precast products. The series suits to both horizontal casting on tables and vertical casting on battery molds. 

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The Elematic FaMe magnet shuttering system consists of patented jaw-type magnets and light aluminum side profiles. The magnets hold the side forms during casting and vibration. The system also works with wood, plywood and other traditional side materials. The patented FaMe shuttering system endures thousands and thousands of castings and can save up to 70% of the total shuttering time.

The Lite series covers precast product thicknesses from 70 to 249 mm. The Lite profiles are very light, they weigh only 3 to 5 kilos per meter. The profile height can be easily increased by adding plywood to the aluminum side form.

The  Lite profiles feature a T-slot on the back of the profile,  so all connections, back supports and corner pieces can be attached with T-slot bolts. There’s no need for welding.

The FaMe Lite series also includes

  • magnets for lifting loops
  • welding plates
  • chamfers
  • thread-tube sockets
  • junction boxes
  • electrical fixtures


  • Light and easy to handle

  • Safe operation with push-button magnets

  • Easy to build up and remove

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