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FaMe Flex Pro

FaMe Flex Pro magnet shuttering system is designed for the production of wall panels of up to 600 mm in thickness. It is particularly well-suited for making facades, insulated sandwich walls and solid walls.

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The Elematic FaMe magnet shuttering system consists of patented jaw-type magnets and light aluminum side profiles. The magnets hold the side forms during casting and vibration. The system also works with wood, plywood and other traditional side materials. The patented FaMe shuttering system endures thousands and thousands of castings and can save up to 70% of the total shuttering time.

The FaMe Flex Pro magnet shuttering system makes it possible to furnish steel surfaces for precast products of just about any shape or size.

The Flex Pro  is an ideal choice for varied and short production series, because dimensions can be changed quickly and effectively. For example, the intakes and outtakes of lifting hooks and reinforcing can be made freely without breaking the side molds.

The FaMe Flex Pro ensures that the precast wall panels and other end products are of the highest quality with precise dimensioning, straight side profiles and precise 90-degree corners.



  • Quick change of dimensions

  • Precise panel dimensions

  • Straight panel side profiles

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