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Solid slab

Solid slabs are usually about 200 mm thick non-prestressed full concrete floor products. They are used for the short spans and specific cases, for example, balconies. Solid slabs are fast to install and need no extra cast at the site.

Precast solid slabs are produced in many ways; on table molds or on a long line. They can pre-stressed or statically reinforced. The sizes of the solid slab can vary depending on the structural requirements. Electrical outlets, wiring, openings, or even heating conduits can be installed in the precast plant’s solid slab.


Different types of floors and roofing in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Solid slabs are used in a similar way as hollow-core slabs but for short spans only.

Advantages of the solid slab

  • Ideal for balconies
  • High surface quality
  • No additional casting on the site
  • Fast to install
  • For complicated places