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Solid wall

A solid wall is a cost-effective ready-to-install outer and inner wall solution. Ideal for structural load-bearing applications, a solid wall can eliminate the need for structural framing. As a finished product, it does not require post-processing concreting on site.

Precast solid wall – a versatile and economical precast wall solution

Solid panels are gray reinforced concrete wall elements without an insulation layer. The solid panel can be produced of standard or light concrete up to 200 mm thick, 14 m long and 3.5 m high. Different techniques can be applied to the visible surface treatment, like adding colours, grooving, and graphics. The solid wall can also be painted or wallpapered after a thin plastering.

Precast walls are manufactured on a table or in a battery mold. They are smooth, either only on one side or all around. Door and window openings, technical ducts and inserts for electricity are incorporated before casting.


Solid panels often serve as the facade and boundary walls in residential, commercial, industrial and hotel buildings. Other applications are shear and retaining walls, partition walls, stairwells, and lift shafts.

Solid panels can be used as load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls, like load-bearing structural panels or non-load bearing cladding panels. Load-bearing solid walls are generally used in combination with hollow-core floors.

Advantages of precast solid walls

  • High load-bearing capacity
  • No need for in-situ concreting on site
  • Excellent soundproofing
  • Fire resistance up to 180 min (Eurocode 2)
  • The versatility of surface finishing when used as cladding panel

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