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Mid-States Concrete Industries, USA

Mid-States was established in 1946 and started as a hollowcore slab manufacturer, after which they have expanded to other product categories. They offer a variety of architectural finishes, as well as custom precast in the Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and Eastern Iowa areas of the USA.

Mid-States Concrete Industries

Location South Beloit, IL, USA
Year established 1946
Main products Wall panels, CarbonCast Insulated wall panels, hollowcore slabs, beams, columns and balconies
Average annual production 2 400 000 sqft concrete poured each year
No. of employees 250
Production hall area 9 290 sqm (99 997 sqft)
Storage area 35 000 sqm (376 737 sqft)
Specialities Helping the customers every step of the way – from preconstruction assessment, design and engineering support through construction and completion.

Hollow core slab production line

Year of delivery 2000
No. of beds 6 pcs, 160 m (525 ft) each
Machinery Extruders EL900E and E9 2010, Saws EL110 and E9-500, and fresh concrete saw, Plotter, Preparer, Concrete distribution
Automation ELiPLAN, FloorMES E9
Special features Manufactures two non-standard narrow hollowcore slabs on the same production line simultaneously

In 2017, Mid-States Concrete Industries was recognized as one of the safest companies in the USA and awarded SHARP designation by the United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

“The SHARP award is a big deal and part of the reason why we have received it is the help of Elematic. The automation and the safety features of the equipment have helped to keep the workplace safe and keep our employees from getting injuries,” says Mike Wolff, Vice President of Safety and Plant Operations of Mid-States Concrete Industries.

“The adjustable extruder was another innovative system that Elematic has helped us with. Now all the US precasters want to come and see it,” says Wolff. The adjustable extruder is a modified version of the P7 series extruder.  A filler machine, as they call it at Mid-States, enables casting of two hollow core slabs of different width on the same bed simultaneously. The narrow slabs of non-standard widths can now be made without longitudinal saw cutting.