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Preparer P7

The Elematic Preparer P7 is a multifunction machine for cleaning the casting bed, pulling the prestressing strands and oiling the bed surface in precast concrete plants. The machine is intended for use in hollow core, half slab and solid slab production.

Preparer P7-1200p-d/lpg

Width 1685 mm
Height 2285 mm
Length 3800 mm
Weight (empty) 2950 kg
Speed (free) 60 m/min
Speed (brushing/strand pulling) 30 m/min
Speed (oil spreading) 60 m/min
Diesel or LPG powered


The Preparer P7 is designed for fast, high-power strand pulling. The machine has 4-wheel drive for maximum traction and a powerful engine to pull several strands simultaneously, and for fast brushing and cleaning of the bed.

The large cleaning brush is made from a long-lasting material which cleans without wearing the bed. A rough brush is available as an option for cleaning extra dirty beds. A gutter brush is also available as an option.

The Preparer oils slabs evenly, without causing oil fumes or other air pollution in the production hall. Slabs are easy to remove, and thanks to handy hangers, the strands do not get contaminated with oil.

The Preparer P7 is available in electric, lpg and diesel-powered variants.


Like all Elematic machinery, safety features are built in. The Preparer P7 features a safe cockpit with an excellent view of the operation area and a covered brush for low dust emissions. In addition, all rotating parts and chains are covered, and engine room ventilation prevents gas build-up. A water spraying system to bind dust is available as an option.

The Preparer P7 meets EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


The Preparer P7 is manually operated and available in electric, lpg and diesel-powered variants. The machine is equipped with a combustion engine to power the hydraulic pump. Brush movements are hydraulically operated. The machine has 4-wheel drive.

The machine is controlled from the cabin. The user interface includes control levers, buttons and meters to start the engine, and monitor the speed and operation.

The Preparer P7 comes in two variants: one to operate on a hollow core production line and one to operate on a half slab line. The variants differ only by size and the half slab version is equipped with an additional vertical brush to clean the fixed side forms.


The Preparer P7 features a low-wear design, a spacious engine room for ease-of-access, and reliable, high-quality engines in all power variants. The machine is equipped with a high capacity oil tank.


Electric 18/22 kW

  • cable power feed
  • no emissions
  • speed 48 m/min

LPG 23 kW

  • speed 60 m/min
  • low emission

Diesel 26 kW

  • speed 60 m/min
  • low diesel consumption


Water-spraying system

Gutter brush

Rough brush

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