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Saw S5

The Elematic Saw S5 is designed for semi-automatic cutting of prestressed precast slabs, such as hollow core slabs, massive slabs, piles and T-beams, of up to 400 mm.

The slabs can be cut at any angle: crosswise, longitudinally and at any angle in between.

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Download brochure

Saw S5-400

Length (with cable and water hose drum) 5100 mm
Height 2740 mm
Width 1650 mm (65 in)
Weight (without drums) 5600 kg (12345 lb)
Cutting blade diameter 800-1100 mm (32-44 in)
Saw driving speed, stepless 0-0.67 m/s (2.2 ft/s)
Water pressure min. 2 bar

The Saw S5 is a fully electric driven machine and it is manually controlled. It features an automatic cutting cycle to cut 1200 mm wide concrete slabs with a maximum thickness of 400 mm. The machine can be also automated to cut any precast units cast on a bed.

The Saw S5 is a good solution for a precast factory where automated cross, longitudinal, and diagonal cutting are needed.


The Saw S5 is operated with a push button, a joystick and a visual touch screen that is also suitable for outdoor operation. The machine is equipped with a stepless control of the machine forward/reverse speeds.

The Saw S5 offers the option of four product-specific cutting programs to ensure the consistency of the cut slabs. The saw is positioned quickly using a laser pointer and the blade is inverter-controlled so no belt changes are needed when the blades are changed.

Integrated water sprays clean the slab surface after cutting, which ensures excellent bonding of the topping at the construction site.


The cutting cycle is performed automatically according to the selected cutting program. After cutting, the blade is quickly stopped with an electric brake to ensure safety. The slab can be cut at any angle: crosswise, longitudinally and at any angle in between: with crosswise (90°), diagonal (0°-180°) and longitudinal (0° or 180°) cuts.


The Saw S5 is a low maintenance machine because there are no hydraulics. The control system gives clear alerts, and displays data logs and status so troubleshooting is easy. Remote troubleshooting via a Wi-Fi connection is also available as an option.


Like all Elematic machinery, safety features are built in. The Saw S5 features a safe cockpit with a transparent shield and a camera system for a real-time view of the area in front of the saw. It has derail protection to reduce the risk of the machine falling over and it is equipped with a fast automatic blade stop after cutting. Low noise blades are available as an option.

The machine meets all EC Machine Directive requirements. It is delivered with comprehensive operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


The Saw S5 runs on rails on a casting bed and it needs one person to operate it.


Blade D 800 mm

Blade D 1100 mm

Other power network

Power feed for saw 125A – 150

Power feed for saw 125A – 200

Saw water feed 150

Saw water feed 200


  • Versatility

    All cutting can be done with the same machine

  • Long blade lifetime

  • Low dust emissions

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