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Plotter E9

The Elematic Plotter E9 is an automatic machine for marking cutting lines, openings and reservations, as well as identification marks, onto hollow core slab surfaces on a production line. It can also mark spots for dividers and fittings on an empty bed surface. The machine uses the inkjet technique.

Plotter E9-1200pl

Width 1800 mm
Height 2100 mm
Length 2800/3500 mm
Weight 1100 kg
Max slab height for printing 520 mm
Touch screen 15.6"
Battery operated

Plotter E9-1200 plw

Width 3200-4000 mm
Height (machine/with mast) 3200-4000 mmm
Length 2000 mm
Weight (empty) 1150-1350 kg
Product width 2.6-3.4 m
Product height / clearance 600 mm
Max casting bed length 220 m

Hollow core slabs need to be cut according to specific measurements. The Elematic Plotter E9 marks all cuts, openings, reservations and codes quickly and accurately during the slab production process. The automatic operation uses laser positioning to ensure consistent measurements and minimize errors.


The Plotter E9 can be set-up, adjusted and operated via the easy-to-use 15.6″ touch screen, which is designed to handle the everyday plotting tasks in precast concrete plants.

The screen displays the slabs on beds. On-bed quick re-planning allows data on the machine to be checked and edited, faulty slab sections to be removed, new starting points to be defined and geometry to be removed.

The screen also displays the work status including start time, slab No., tasks and elapsed time, alerts and remaining battery power and ink levels. Items can be zoomed, dragged and dropped just like on any other smart device.

The user interface is available in English, Russian and Finnish as standard. Other languages are available as an option.

In order to use the automatic features the machine requires a FloorMES machine control and slab positioning module. When Plotter is equipped with a FloorMES machine control module it is compatible with BIM design systems.


It can achieve high plotting accuracy when slab details from design software* – such as Tekla Structures BIM – are transferred directly to the machine. The files are transferred via an integrated Wi-Fi connection.

*A separate machine control software module is required to utilize the data.


Like all Elematic machinery, safety features are built in. The Plotter features safety buffers, light sensors and ultrasonic sensors that prevent collisions: The machine stops automatically when an obstacle is in its way. Automatic operation resumes when the obstacle is removed. The Plotter E9 is equipped with light and sound alarms and, as with all Elematic machines, it comes with clear and thorough operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


The Plotter E9-1200pl moves independently on rails on the casting bed. The location of the machine on the bed is determined by a laser positioning system, which is also used for plotting.

The Plotter E9 is battery-operated and driven by electric servomotors. The fully charged battery set lasts 16 hours, or one to three days, depending on the beds and machine usage. If the machine is operated continuously, an extra battery set is required.


The Plotter E9 includes a wide range of features for easy machine maintenance:

  • Quick on-screen adjustment and calibration
  • Easy ink filling
  • A clog-resistant and long-lasting print head
  • Batteries which last up to 3 years with daily charging **
  • No wear parts
  • Remote troubleshooting and support via Wi-Fi (network connection required)

The standard machine delivery includes a 1.2 m wide Plotter with an inkjet control system, one ink head (115 mm) and slab data transfer software with a wireless connection (max. 200 m).

**The batteries last longer if they are charged less frequently.



A waterhole drill can be included in the delivery as an option. It drills one hole at a time and moves horizontally to drill holes into all voids in the slab. The position data is pre-programmed into the automation system.

Ink head for side printing

Available for both sides. Text height 63 mm.

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