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Shuttle E9

The Elematic Shuttle E9 is designed for fully automatic concrete distribution on a two‐rail track from the batching and mixing plant to an intermediate silo or to a casting machine in precast concrete production.

The Elematic fully automated concrete distribution system includes Shuttle E9, a track and a cleaning system. This offers a fast and reliable way of distributing concrete between the B&M plant and desired casting spots. The system can be adapted to existing B&M plants.

Shuttle E9-3700

Empty weight 2000 kg
Weight with concrete 9200 kg
Water volume 3700 l
Wet concrete volume 3000 l

Shuttle E9-3200

Empty weight 2000 kg
Weight with concrete 8000 kg
Water volume 3200 l
Wet concrete volume 2500 l

Shuttle E9-2800

Empty weight 1650 kg
Weight with concrete 6450 kg
Water volume 2800 l
Wet concrete volume 2000 l


The Shuttle E9 features fully automatic operation, including concrete ordering.

The shuttle has four-wheel drive and inverter-controlled travel motors. It offers a high driving speed of up to 3.2 m/s, which enables concrete to be transported to remote discharge points.

The shuttle is discharged by turning the bucket upside down with an inverter-controlled gear motor. The turning speed can be customized.


The Shuttle E9 is equipped with a large touch screen for easy operation. It has a programmable logic control and sensors that respond to the counter plates of the track. Travel on track is controlled by a PLC, and the shuttle receives instructions at the stopping points from the current rails. It can also be manually operated with a remote control.


The Shuttle E9 meets EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


The Shuttle E9 is compatible with both straight and curved tracks. It uses tracks with a narrow design for efficient use of floor space in precast plants.

The structure of the shuttle is protected against damage caused by water and concrete. The bucket mantle is made of wear‐resistant steel.

The shuttle has polyurethane wheels for silent travel.



Straight track

  • Shuttle loaded: 2.6 m/s, shuttle empty: 3.2 m/s

Track with max. inclination angle 5 degrees (9%)

  • Shuttle loaded: 2.0 m/s, shuttle empty: 2.5 m/s

Track with max. inclination angle 9 degrees (16%)

  • Shuttle loaded: 1.6 m/s, shuttle empty: 2.0 m/s

The speeds above apply only to the standard wheel size of Ø260.


The Shuttle E9 is equipped with high pressure water nozzles and a high-pressure water pump for cleaning. There are two different models available, one for cleaning the inside only and the other for cleaning both the inside and outside.


  • The Shuttle E9 is available in standard sizes of 2.0 m3, 2.5 m3, 3.0 m3 (wet concrete).


  • Polyurethane coating for the shuttle bucket mantle


  • Speeds production

    Fast and automatic transportation of concrete to the casting place increases production capacity.

  • Long transportation distances

    Fast travelling speed allows transporting concrete even to remote discharge points.

  • Improves working conditions

    Polyurethane wheels ensure low noise working environment.

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