Tilting station E9 - Elematic precast technology
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Tilting station E9

The Elematic tilting station E9 is specially designed for PRO and EDGE Wall production lines. It is designed for tilting the table for stripping of the cured precast product.

Tilting station E9-22ts

Lifting capacity, total 22 t
Lifting time 90 s
Lowering time 60 s
Weight 2500 kg

Tilting station E9-30ts

Lifting capacity, total 30 t
Lifting time 140 s
Lowering time 70 s
Weight 3850 kg

Tilting station E9-36t

Lifting capacity, total 36 t
Lifting time 180 s
Lowering time 90 s
Weight 9000 kg

The structure of the tilting station E9 is made of steel.

The tilting operation is done by hydraulic cylinders and controlled electrically. The shuttering is removed prior to tilting. Cured precast panels are lifted with an overhead crane with the lifting beam and moved to the finishing area or to the transport wagons.

The station is equipped with hydraulic table locking devices for locking the table firmly to the frame during tilting.


The tilting station E9 meets EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.

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