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Molin Concrete Products Co., USA

Molin Concrete Products is an employee-owned precast concrete producer. The company is a longterm Elematic customer and focuses on effective production of high quality hollowcore slabs and other precast concrete products. They also offer installation services for their customers. The company specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing precast concrete components for projects throughout the 7-state Midwest region in the United States.

Molin Concrete Products factory

Location Lino Lakes, MN, USA
Year established 1897
Main products Hollowcore plank, prestressed beams, precast columns, stadia, architectural and structural wall panels

Elematic hollowcore division

Year of delivery 2000
Average annual production 2 000 000 sqft
No. of employees 8
Production hall area 36 000 sqft
Storage area 160 000 sqft
No. of beds 6 pcs, 440 ft each
Machinery Extruders EL900E, E9 2010 and P7, Saws EL1300A, EL1100, EL508 and S5-400, Preparer P7 and EL400, Plotter EL480, Concrete distribution, B&M plant
Software ELiPLAN

Molin operates across the Midwest out of a 125,000 square-foot production plant in Lino Lakes, Minnesota, where it manufactures structural precast products. The company offers two different types of hollowcore, made with Elematic extruders as well as with wet-cast. Moreover, a facility in nearby Ramsey produces structural and architectural, insulated and uninsulated wall panels as well as veneer panels.