Saw S5-270 - Elematic precast technology
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Saw S5-270

The Elematic Saw S5-270 is designed to cut hollow core slabs of max. 270 mm (10”) in height and 1220 mm (48”) in width.

Saw S5-270

Length 2300 mm (91 in)
Width 1820 mm (72 in)
Height 1600 mm (63 in)
Weight (without drums) 2800 kg (6173 lb)
Blade diameter up to 800 mm (32 in)
Water pressure at saw min. 2 bar

The Saw S5-270 is hydraulically operated. It uses a cutting blade of 600 – 800 mm in diameter (24” – 32”) and can make crosscuts in 90 degrees.

The Saw S5-270 includes an application connection for electricity and water valves.


Like all Elematic machinery, safety features are built in. The Saw S5-270 meets all EC Machine Directive requirements. It is delivered with comprehensive operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


The Saw S5-270 runs on rails on a casting bed.


Diamond tipped blade D 800 mm
Reel wagon (cable+hose)

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