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Precast concrete stairs are cost-efficient and quality products that are easy and quick to install on the construction site. The precast staircase removes the need for any temporary metal or wooden stair solution and eliminates the need for complicated formwork and propping of the casted structure if made cast-in-situ.

A precast staircase is a cost-efficient and safe

It is a safe and fire-resistant solution.

Precast stairs range from individual steps to straight monobloc units with landings. Flights and landings of the straight stair can be cast as separate elements or combined in one piece. There may be differential levels at floors and half-landings in the latter solution, requiring a finishing screed or other solution. Elematic offers a variety of different staircase molds.


The precast stair is an excellent choice for any multi-storey buildings.

Advantages of precast stairs

  • Safe and durable
  • Fire, thermal and acoustic benefits
  • Variety of surface finishing
  • Fast to install
  • Less work and waste