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The Production module in Elematic Plant Control is designed to optimize precast hollow core slab production.

It is also a part of the Plant Control Floor manufacturing execution system.

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The Production module includes automatic production planning to optimize the hollow core production process. Automatic planning begins by optimizing slab logistics according to truckload or erection section and sequence. In addition, the automatic planning aims to minimize concrete usage and strand waste, and to optimize bed capacity by finding the best matching slabs. The module also displays overstranding, the length of unutilized space on the bed, production scheduling and the degree of difficulty of the slabs.

The Production module automatically optimizes the work schedules for each production phase based on the production plan and machine resources available. It also gives an estimation for the total time required to produce each set of elements based on the time spent for each of the production phases: preparation, casting, modifying, curing, sawing and lifting.

The production plan and the work schedules can be adjusted manually. The planner can search for matching slabs and choose from a list until the bed is full. Moving slabs on the plan is easy using a simple drag and drop function. Both the production plan and work schedules can also be printed.

The Production module produces ready-to-use planning data for the operation of automatic machines.


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