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Modifier E9

The Modifier E9 is an automatic machine for digging openings and recesses, for example for HVAC ducts and plumbing, into fresh hollow core slabs. It also drills waterholes and plots cutting lines, openings and text. The Modifier can recycle cut-off concrete back into slab production when paired with Extruder E9 or P7.



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Modifier E9-1200m 2019

Width (with safety buffer) 1740 mm
Height (without laser mast) 2350 mm
Length (safety buffers out) 5700 mm
Weight (max with options) 5580 kg
Max slab thickness 500 mm
Possible jaw sizes (crossw./longit.) 100...180/100...260 mm

The Elematic Modifier E9-1200m makes digging openings into fresh concrete slabs on a hollow core production line accurate and flexible. Furthermore, the machine reduces the need for manual work in the modifying phase of the hollow core slab production process, which improves production efficiency, eliminates mistakes and improves safety on the shop floor. Furthermore, thanks to the smart concrete recycling system, the Modifier E9 also significantly reduces concrete consumption in precast plants.*

*When paired with the Elematic Extruder E9 or P7.



The Modifier E9 is designed for automatic operation but can also be used in semi-automatic or manual mode. Production plans can be transferred to the machine either via a wireless connection, or if needed, via USB. Wi-Fi communication hardware is included as standard. The Modifier E9 features a laser positioning system to identify the slab position.

NOTE!  In order to use the automatic features , the machine requires a FloorMES machine control module (see below). When the Modifier is equipped with a FloorMES machine control module it is compatible with BIM design systems.


The Modifier E9 enables efficient concrete recycling. This is possible because it does not use any water in the digging process, which means that any concrete removed from openings can be recycled back into the slab production process. To ensure slab quality, the recycled concrete is mixed gradually into the fresh concrete according to a time limit; recycled concrete will not be fed back into the process if it is older than a preset factory-specific time value. The Modifier E9 and Extruder E9 are a perfect match, and together they increase the efficiency and sustainability of hollow core slab production. The Modifier E9 further reduces concrete consumption by using an advanced digging mechanism that ensures the minimum amount of concrete is left on the bed.


Like all Elematic machinery, safety features are built in. The Modifier E9 is fitted with safety buffers on both ends, including light sensors, which protect the area between the buffers. In addition, there are also ultrasonic sensors, which increase safety and also make it possible to pause operation when it comes close to an obstacle, like an extruder, for example. Operation can be resumed when the obstacle moves away.


The digging is carried out by moving the excavating head up and down and opening and closing the jaws. The cut-off concrete is thrown into the concrete bucket. When the bucket is full, or the time limit to recycle the concrete has been reached, the bucket can be emptied by lifting it and opening the bottom. When paired with an Extruder E9 fitted with a recycling kit, the concrete can be dropped into the receiver silo for recycling back into slab production. The jaws can be changed during operation. By default, the system uses large jaws when possible and only changes to smaller ones when necessary. The strand area can be also set to avoid moving strands during digging.


Drilling A waterhole drill can be included in the delivery as an option. It drills one hole at a time and moves horizontally to drill holes into all voids in the slab. The position data is pre-programmed into the automation system. Plotting A plotting device can be included in the delivery as an option. The device consists of an ink tank, an inkjet-type plotting head and a driving gear to move the plotting head.


The Modifier E9-1200m consists of an automation system and a steel frame, wheels with a driving gear, an excavation head with automatically exchangeable jaws, a tiltable concrete bucket with a hydraulically operated opening for emptying and, as options, a drill for making water holes and a plotting head for plotting lines and text. The standard machine delivery includes two sets of digging jaws: 100 x 120 mm and 180 x 260 mm (opening size).

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