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Looper E9

The Elematic Looper E9 is a fully automatic machine that installs lifting loops into hollow core slabs in precast prestressed concrete production.

Looper E9-1200L-a

Height 2635 mm (103.7 in)
Width 1660 mm (65.4 in)
Length 4040 mm (159 in)
Weight Approx, 4000 kg (8157 lb)
Theoretical time of loop installing H=160 2 min
Teoretical time of loop installing H=360 2 min 30 s
Driving speed 15 m/min (49.2 ft/min)
Clearance under the machine 440 mm (17.3 in)

The Elematic Looper E9 installs the lifting loops under the strands in order to ensure that slabs can be lifted safely on construction sites. The form and size of the loops is defined according to slab thickness and local standards.

The maximum dimensions of the slabs are 1200 mm wide (48 in) and 400 mm high (16 in).


The Looper E9 uses patented installation technology. The machine opens up the unhardened concrete surface of the slab, installs the loop and recompacts the concrete tightly around the loop and the reinforcement strands.

The Looper is equipped with one or two loop manipulators which install one or two loops simultaneously. With the basic set-up, the magazine capacity is approximately 40 to 50 loops, depending on the loop type. With the optional extension, the capacity is increased to around 80 to 100 loops.

The Looper’s operation is partly pneumatic, and it has an air compressor with a receiver and a water feeding unit. The Looper E9 is remote controlled by radio in manual mode.

The machine features a multilingual touch screen user interface, and settings for different slab and loop types can be saved in the machine memory.

The Looper E9 is part of a lifting solution which comprises of the Looper E9 and Elematic Lift Loops ELL.


Like all Elematic machinery, safety features are built in. The Looper E9 meets all EC Machine Directive requirements and has a CE marking. It is delivered with comprehensive operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


The Looper E9 is electrically driven and moves on the side rails of the casting bed. It follows the casting machine on the bed.

In order to use the automatic features the machine requires a FloorMES machine control and slab positioning module. When Looper is equipped with a FloorMES machine control module it is compatible with BIM design systems.


Looper E9 consists of a steel frame, a turning installation device with integrated vibrators to install the loops and compact the concrete around the loop.


Cable drum for cable max. 160 m

Cable, max. 160 m

Additional magazine module for 20-25 loops


  • Fully automatic. Fast installation

  • Easy touch screen user interface

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