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Machine control

The Machine control and slab positioning module in Elematic Plant Control is designed to control the whole factory automation system. It is also a part of the FloorMES manufacturing execution system within Plant Control.

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The Machine control and slab positioning module is the very core of the intelligence and automation in an Elematic precast factory. The module controls the factory automation system and steers the automatic machines – and it can also steer future Elematic machines when they are connected to the system.

The Machine control and slab positioning module manages communications between the automatic machinery and the production management. The module can transfer slab data from compatible CAD design applications* and convert it to machine-readable format. It can save and move the data, including slab geometry and bed positions, from the machine to the production management and back, and transfer the data between the different machines and the different production lines connected to the system via a WLAN connection.

*Ask for a list of compatible applications from Elematic.


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