Renewing existing production

Renewing existing wall production

Renewing existing floor production



Superb for the production of a variety of precast hollow-core slabs and walls.

With extruder, you can make slabs with width 600-2400 mm, thickness 160-500 mm, and lengths up to 24 m. Elematic extruders come in different technology levels  from SEMI to EDGE.

The intelligent Extruder E9 is designed for  power and versatility meeting the highest demands. The EDGE extruders by Elematic are available for various product widths 1200mm (or 2x 600 mm), 1500 mm, 1800 mm and even 2400 mm. The SEMI level Extruder S5 is designed  for easy and flexible start-up or projects, for  cost efficient basic production.  

All Elematic extruders use the latest, proven shear compaction technology.

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