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Bed E9

The Elematic casting bed E9 is designed for production of precast concrete half-slabs up to 150 mm thick.

The Elematic Bed E9 is manufactured in a workshop to tight tolerances.

Bed E9-360

Width 2850-3650 mm
Height 260 mm
Slab width, nominal 2600-3400 mm
Capacity 360 kg/m2
Min. temperature +5 °C

The Bed E9 features an integrated heating system to speed up curing. The heating pipes are installed under the bed surface and hot water is used as a heating medium. The ends of the heating pipes have flexible hoses to allow the pipes to expand while hot. The Bed E9 includes 45-mm rock wool or polystyrene insulation under the heating pipes. The thermal stresses are well managed because heat is transferred as radiation to the surface plate. Energy consumption is kept low because only a small mass needs to be heated.

The Bed E9 is delivered in 12 m modular, quick-to-install sections. The total bed length is defined according to customer-specific requirements. The maximum load of the bed is 360 kg/m2.

For controlled curing, Maturity control E9-6mc is recommended.


The Bed E9 is made of 10 x 80 mm flat bars, stiffeners and a durable 8 mm straight-rolled acid-treated surface plate. It is equipped with rails for production machinery. The side plates are 150 mm high.


To produce pre-stressed half-slabs, pre-stressing abutments are needed at the ends (not included).

The Bed E9 can be mounted on base plates (not included) by welding flat bars (included) to the base plates and bed sides.

Grouting is needed under the driving rails. Rebar need to be installed before grouting, according to the installation instructions.

It is recommended that the bed heating is also used to keep the bed dry, so that the bed lasts longer.

High chloride content in water causes corrosion. It is recommended that clean and pure, salt-free water is used in the factory.



Base plates

Maturity control E9-6mc

Maturity control pump


  • Fast curing

  • Low energy consumption

  • Manufactured to tight tolerances

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