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Batching and Mixing Plant E9

The Elematic Batching and Mixing Plant E9 is a tower type concrete mixing plant designed to be a part of the automated concrete delivery system in precast production.

It is equipped with a twin shaft mixer to produce up to 105m3/h of high-quality concrete.

Batching & mixing plant E9-105
Required building area 15 x 25 m
Batch size 2 x 2,3 m3
2 x 1,6 m3 (zero slump concrete)
Binding agent silos max. 4 x 250 m3
Aggregate silo 500 m3

The Elematic Batching and Mixing Plant E9-105 consists of a steel base frame, a steel aggregate silo, binding agent silos and a stair tower. The separate control cabin is located at the mixer level, outside of the plant itself.

Aggregates are transferred from the receiving silos to the storing silos with an ascending belt conveyor or a vertical chain elevator. The  dividing belt is located at the top part of the aggregate storing silos. The storing silo features 6 or 8 compartments with level indicators, two belt feeders, and four or six dosing sector gates at the bottom cone.


The aggregate weight batcher, the admixture weight batcher and the binding agent weight batcher are located at the weighing level of the B&M plant. The mixer level is located below the weighing level. The mixer(s), the aggregate dividing device with discharge chutes and the binding agent discharge screw conveyor as well as the water flow meters (or water weight batcher) for water dosing are located there.

The Batching and Mixing Plant E9 includes electrification and instrumentation, dosing screw conveyors, silo level indicators and filters.

The plant also features stair tower from the ground level to the shuttle track level, the mixer level, the weighing level as well as to the binding agent silos and to the top level and to the roof of the aggregate storing silo.

The plant is operated with Elematic Plant Control Concrete Production module.


The Batching and Mixing plant E9-105 meets all EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with clear and thorough operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.

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