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Powerful and energy-efficient battery-driven Preparer E9 evokes joy at hollow core plant

Elematic Preparer E9-1200p-b

The new battery-driven Elematic Preparer E9 has offered plenty of positive surprises during testing at Starka Betongelement in Sweden. The machine is now ready for orders around the world.

Say goodbye to emissions, noise, gas bottles, and cables when preparing hollow core casting beds. The new Elematic Preparer E9 utilizes state-of-the-art battery technology to get the job done efficiently, precisely, quietly, and exactly how it is supposed to – day after day after day.

After two months of testing at Starka Betongelement’s hollow core plant in Kristianstad in Southern Sweden, Hall Manager for prestressed products Peter Axelsson is impressed.

“The battery operation is amazing. It runs fully even at 50% battery capacity,” he notes.

A pleasant surprise

Elematic’s Area Sales Director Tero Kivimäki and Product Director for Floor Technologies Jani Eilola came by the factory to make some updates and see how the new machine is doing its job cleaning, pulling strands, and oiling.

“Every time, we deliver a new machine, we’re excited to see whether it performs as calculated. We were in for a pleasant surprise this time, as the energy consumption is even lower than expected, and the capacity is phenomenal,” Eilola says.

At Starka, he saw how the powerful battery could run the 5.5-ton heavy preparer for two full working days before being recharged. Charging the battery to 80 percent takes 3-4 hours with a standard charger. Higher power chargers are available if needed.

Efficient and convenient

The large machine is equipped with a separate compartment and an efficient brush for waste collection. It prepares smooth and even beds while being quiet and free of even the slightest emissions – as opposed to machines using liquified gas for example.

“Running on batteries instead of fossil fuels is better for the climate and makes the work environment more pleasant with no noise and emissions,” Eilola sums up the benefits of the battery-driven Preparer E9.

As no gas cylinders or cables are needed, it is also more convenient and faster, he adds. “This is the preparer for precasters who want to maximize efficiency and productivity.”

“It is impressive to see the power and efficiency of modern electric motors. And it feels great that the customer is happy!”

The battery in Preparer E9

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery, like in Tesla cars.
  • Cobalt-free LFP batteries are long-lived and considered more ethical and ecological than most alternatives.
  • Capacity: 29 kWh.
  • Standard charger’s charging power 7.5 kW. More powerful chargers available if needed.
  • Can run for 1-2 days before charging depending on the number of beds.
  • Charged to 80% in 3-4 hours with standard charger.

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