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Cleaning machine E9

The Elematic Cleaning machine E9  is designed to clean the steel and aluminum side forms used in precast production lines using high pressure water jets. The machine also dries the side forms using air and then oils them. It can handle side forms of different geometries and lengths.

Cleaning machine E9-400c

Width 830 mm
Height 2700 mm
Length 10000 mm
Weight (empty) 2500 kg
Max. width of side form 200 mm
Max. height of side form 30 mm
Water consumption (full capacity) 3 m3/h


The Elematic Cleaning machine E9-400c consists of conveyor and cleaning, drying and oiling units. First, a side form is lifted manually onto the feeding conveyor. The machine then moves it through the different stages: cleaning, drying and oiling.

The cleaning stage uses high-pressure water jets (400 bar) to remove dirt from the side forms. This means that only steel and aluminum side forms can be used. The water jets come from several nozzles, enabling the machine to clean the side forms from every side. After cleaning, the side forms are dried and oiled.

The cleaning water is not recycled. Note that the water quality needs to be close to potable. Unclean water may damage the high-pressure pump.


The inlet and outlet are surrounded and protected to prevent the water jets from spraying out of the containment area. This also reduces noise.

The receiving end of the roller conveyor is fitted with sensors which stop the conveyor when a side form comes close to the end of the conveyor.

The pump unit is separate, which enables it to be placed in a location that minimizes noise in the working area.

The machine is equipped with a touchscreen user interface.


The Elematic cleaning machine E9-400c meets EC Machine Directive requirements and comes with thorough and clear operator, maintenance and safety manuals in the required language.


  • Flexibility

    Handles many geometries and lengths

  • Fast and easy cleaning

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