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Wall Production

The Elematic manufacturing execution system for walls – the Plant Control Wall - optimizes precast wall panel production and offers a variety of tools for planning and monitoring. Wall consists of three Plant Control modules: Production, Work Hours and Quality.

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Technical information

Operating system Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019 Desktop Experience, English, administrator access, internet access
CPU Xeon Silver 8 Cores minimum
RAM 32 GB minimum, 64 GB recommended
Storage 150 GB minimum, SSD recommended

The Plant Control Wall keeps product designs, project and production details aligned. It includes automatic planning, work follow-up and quality control functions for wall production. These functions help balancing work plans and available resources per work phase to get a smooth production workflow without unnecessary stops, low operational costs as well as the high quality of produced panels.

The Wall provides table-specific real-time production progress data with a comparison to actual work times versus estimates and waiting times, production efficiency figures and work hour estimates, advanced quality control, easy KPI follow-up with automatic dashboard and customizable reports.

The system automatically stores production history, so it is easy to take focused quality improvement actions by combining quality issues, hours required for corrections and work processes where issues have occurred. Automatic key planning functions and a visual, easy-to-use user interface make everyday use of the system easy.

The Plant Control Wall is network-based. It is located on a server, and user runs it on a standard personal computer via a web browser.


  • Efficiency figures and working hour estimates

  • Improved panel quality with advanced quality control

  • Easy KPI follow-up with production dashboard

  • Customizable reporting



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Accept cookies to see the form or visit our contact page for more information.