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Work hours

The Work Hours module for walls in Elematic Plant Control is designed to follow project work hours.

The module is also part of the WallMES manufacturing execution system within Plant Control.

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The Work Hours module enables the work hours to be tracked in projects: the distribution of hours by different projects, the hours in a project, and hours per product, per work phase, per team or per person.

For example, the data gathered in Work Hours can be used:

  • to define the correct prices for projects and products
  • to develop offerings
  • to analyze bottlenecks and develop processes
  • as a basis for incentives and bonuses
  • as a basis for salary payment
  • to cancel unprofitable products

Gathering the work hour information requires a barcode scanner at the entrance. If more detailed work hour information is required, additional tracking points in the production hall are needed. Barcodes are created for each of the defined tracking points, such as individual employees, projects, or work phases. Employees scan the codes to stamp themselves in/out and to indicate the project, work phase, etc.

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