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The Production module for walls in Elematic Plant Control is designed to optimize precast wall panel production.

The module is also a part of Plant Control Wall manufacturing execution system.

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The Production module features browser-based, automatic and visual production planning to optimize wall panel production, as well as production of beams, columns and other non-prestressed slabs. It offers a BIM* import function to transfer panel designs from the design software to the Production module.

The Production module features a calendar view and a project view to plan production. The calendar view displays production capacity per hall, the table sizes available and other details. It also displays the information of any individual table and allows panels to be moved on the table to the correct place according to the plan. The display can be viewed on two screens. The calendar view is always customized to meet the needs of each factory.

The products view displays a list of all the items ready for production in a project. It features an excellent search function with a wide range of filters and an arrange feature. It is easy to check the contents of any project, including which panels will be on which table, etc. It lets you add notes to a table or a panel, and the notes are automatically transferred to the production plan. The notes are also included in the production plant prints.

The Production module also enables KPIs to be set and tracked. For example, it is possible to predefine the number of square meters to be cast with a production plan, and the amount of concrete and the number of people needed for the cast, as well as whether the table capacity can carry the load of the planned panels.

*Selected BIM systems such as Tekla Structures and Nemetschek.

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